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In the course of treating with Dr. Stagnone for a lower back condition I discovered that chiropractic care was also highly effective in managing my heartburn.  Now whenever my heartburn symptoms escalate, I get dramatic relief by going in for an adjustment.

Tim, Derry

Chiropractic has been an integral part of my health and life for many years.  Seeing Dr. Mark weekly helps take care of whatever ails me that week - or starts the process over a couple of weeks.  I first started with him after spending a year working with neuro, pt, acupuncture, medical doctors and hypnosito help end a headache that wouldn't quit.  Since then, have been treated for work-related back pain/stress/intermittent headaches, gait changes and knee pain - all things that are part of life, but "deal-able" in small pieces.  No one else would have the ability to intervene and "fix" things so I could carry on.  A hundred thousand thanks from someone who thought chiropractic "not an option" years ago to one who would recommend Dr. Mark to anyone looking for help and outstanding, compassionate care.


When I came to Dr. Stagnone twelve years ago, I was seeking relief from muscle strain in my back that caused a lot of discomfort.  No one I had dealt with in the medical community had been able to provide the help I needed because they had no training in spinal manipulation and adjustment.  By the time I arrived at the Stagnone Chiropractic Center, I was beginning to doubt that I would find a remedy for my problem.  Also, I must admit to a degree of skepticism about the work of chiropractors.  There were two reasons for this skepticism: Ignorance and prejudice.  I had never dealt with any chiropractors before since they existed outside the established medical community.  I mistakenly thought that only medical doctors or physical therapists could provide the treatment I required.  Dr. Stagnone soon cured me of my skepticism by providing the relief I needed.  Four weeks after my initial visit, I was symptom-free as well as pain-free.   My skepticism has turned into gratitude for the service he provided in those initial visits.  I now come in for a maintenance adjustment once every month.  Chiropractic adjustments can't remedy every health problem, but for those similar to the one I experienced, they can be a godsend.

TA, Litchfield

A 1989 fall on the ice resulted in neck injuries and loss of strength/weakness in my dominant arm and hand.  Neurologists recommended surgery; however, I was not ready to abandon conservative treatment.  A friend referred me to Mark Stagnone and I began treatment there in 1990.  After several months with Mark directing my care, I became pain and symptom free.  I continue to go for monthly tune-up adjustments and over the past 23 years have referred many relatives for care at Stagnone Chiropractic Center.  Thank you for your dedication to your patients.


There are not enough words for me to explain how much Dr. Mark Stagnone has changed my life.  I work in a job with a lot of computer work and stress and these items take a toll on my body.  I have had a multitude of medical issues - from numbness to pain, which has kept me from sleeping, sitting, and exercising.  I had tried a chiropractor before, but with no real success.  My sister encouraged me to see Dr. Stagnone after years of success for her and I gave chiropractic care another try - and I am thankful I did.  Dr. Stagnone is incredible  - he stars with a complete workup and history on the first meeting and we started triaging from there.  Every session, he listens intently to my symptoms and offers chiropractic and holistic approaches to mitigating my symptoms.  It is to the point where with ANY symptom, I start with Dr. Stagnone and if he can't help me (which is very rare), then he points me in the right direction.  For three years now, I have felt better than I have for years and when I stray to some pain, I can immediately get on the right path with Dr. Stagnone.  My numbness and pain is gone and if anything flares up, I can get in as soon as I can and can be on the mend.  He is top on my list of medical advisors for my health and is the most kind, caring, helpful and compasssionate doctor I have met.  Thank you for all that you do to keep us healthy!


The care I have received from Mark has been instrumental in continuing a healthy/active lifestyle.  Phyliss runs a kind, caring and accomodating office which makes a good experience better!  I have and will continue to refer people to Stagnone Chiropractic without hesitation.


If you're considering the services of a chiropractor, do yourself a favor and scratch all other chiropractor's names off your list and make an appointment with Dr. Mark Stagnone.  As far as I am concerned he is the most qualified chiropractor available.  I have been to several regular chiropractors over the years but Dr. Stagnone constantly takes his craft to newer levels.  He makes it his business to read up, keep up and become an expert on all of the newest techniques, medical equipment and statistics.  He's a true professonal.  If he can't dix your back, neck, leg pain, head ache, poor mood, or constant pain, then your problem simply cannot be fixed with chiropractic.  I herniated a disk in my back in a trampoline accident and couldn't stand up straight or walk without extreme pain.  I was rushed to the hospital for x-rays.  The doctor immediately sent me to a renowned neurosurgeon who reviewed my x-rays and told me I would need immediate surgery.  I told him I wanted my chiropractor's opinion.  He said there was absolutely nothing a chiropractor could do for me at this point and that if I did not have immediate surgery that I would likely loose bowel and bladder control within a few days.  Regardless, I made an appointment to see Dr. Stagnone who reviewed my x-rays and was able to implement state of the art chiropractic technique on my back with surgical precision which provided immediate relief.  After a few visits, he brought me back to full functionality and motion and 100% pain free status.  In fact, I was better than ever before.  Years later I herniated a disk in my neck and lost all strength in my right arm.  I was in excruciating pain and did not have enough strength to raise a glass of milk to my mouth and my fingers in my right hand went numb.  Dr. Stagnone, carefully listened to my description of my pain/problem, reviewed my x-rays, and was once again, very well versed with my problem and fully equipped to remedy my pain and discomfort.  He methodically went to work on my problem and fixed me right up - 100%  Don't waste your time with a regular chiropractor.  Trust me, Dr. Mark Stagnone is an expert chiropractor.  He has seen it all and is the absolute best at his craft - bar none


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